Do's and Dont's in an interview:An Overview

Job hunting is no walk in the park. From drafting the right resume to recording each minute details, you need to take care of every aspect to stand out of the ordinary in the competition.  You have already gone through the initial screening and you have managed to get an interview for your dream job. However, the specific part of the procedure is known to be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. 

The best option to move to the immediate next step of the recruitment process and land your dream job is to understand the do's and dont's of the interview process. As you take care of the do's and dont's, you will gain success in making an everlasting impression on your recruiter. As you are equipped with the right details, you will be capable of relaxing as well as focusing on the crucial aspects such as highlighting the vital and relevant experience, selling of the professional image. This write-up comprises of important tips from the recruiters and human resource managers that provide an edge over the competition to the job seekers.

Here are few of the dos and donts in the interview:

Making an everlasting impression on the recruiters

As they say, the first impression is the last impression. It is a must to dress in an appropriate manner in order to procure success in the selected field. You need to opt for clothes that are ideal for the atmosphere of your workplace. Make sure that your clothes are pressed neatly and they fit you well. Greet your recruiter with a warm smile along with a firm handshake. 

You should be sitting straight as well as lean in the forward direction slightly at the time of the interview. Make sure to have regular eye contact with the interviewer. Try showcasing enthusiasm, zeal, and energy through the vocal tone after which you require listening to every question in a careful manner prior to responding.


Conduct thorough research about the employer

The best step for leaving a long lasting impression on your recruiter is analyzing the requirements for your job as well as the employer. You should make the prerequisite preparations for providing suitable reasons why you are an ideal candidate for the job profile, you have applied for. You need to conduct a practice session and hear what you are planning to say. Make sure to go through each and every aspect of your CV and make the right preparations for discussing the necessary challenges.

Reach the venue early

You are going to make your first as well as last impression through your interview and reaching late is certainly the easiest way to make a negative impact. Getting stuck in the traffic cannot be an excuse for being late in the interview. It is recommended that you should reach the venue of the interview ten minutes early. It is even better if you reach the place half an hour before as you will be capable of observing the ways in which the employees of the company are interacting with one another. This will be helpful to you in understanding the culture of the company.

Bring additional resumes

You have handed the resume to the HR and chances are there your interviewer might not have it. Do not make him run hither and thither to find your resume. It is recommended to carry additional resume in you so that you can hand over the resume to him anytime he wants it.

Show politeness

You need to show politeness and gentleness to the interviewers to score additional points. You should also showcase polite behavior to the receptionists as well as other staff members, that comes in your way. Try greeting them with a smile or a good morning, or hello.

In order to showcase politeness, you require waiting for the interviewer to sit down before you do the same. Make sure to look interested during the conduction of the interview. Keep smiling and be confident throughout the interview. Show your zeal and enthusiasm and it will work wonders to bring you on board.

Outlining the achievements

The interview is the process of selling yourself to the recruiter. Hence, you require speaking about your achievements during the interview. However, you need to ensure that the achievements have relevance to the job profile, you have applied for. You also need to be specific about your achievements and skills which should be inclusive of monetary amounts as well as percentages, whenever required.

Try explaining your answers

A mere yes or no may not be sufficient for the job interview as it does not provide any real information. In case you fail to outline why you are the most suitable candidate for the job, there are no chances of cracking the interview. Try giving compelling reasons for the answers, you give.

Asking the right questions

By asking the right questions, you can showcase how interested you are in this job. Try asking questions related to the job profile and the responsibilities, you will have after getting this job. This shows that you care for the job and will let the interviewer become convinced that you are the right fit for the profile.

Make the interviewer understand that you need the job

In case you think that this is your dream job, make the specific point clear to your interviewer. As per the experts, you can provide reasons why you want this job and how it is related to your passion. Once the interview is over, say thank you for leaving a positive impression on the guests. Make sure to follow up in order to showcase your interest in the job profile.

Don’ts in the interview

Here are few of the things that can annoy your recruiter and hence you should refrain from doing them during the interview:

Say no to criticism

There are several times when you look for a job change as you are too annoyed with your current employer. Whatever may be the reason, you should refrain from criticizing your previous supervisors, employers or even co-workers at the time of job interviews. 

It may make your recruiter think that you are not capable of working in a team environment in a proper manner. Do not let your interviewer know about your weakness. You may acknowledge them but it is a good option to address them as the right opportunities for learning as well as improving.


You should make sure to take a shower and get fresh before you start off for the interview. You can consider using perfume or deodorant.

Do not show aggressiveness

Walking in the room with a smile and wearing confidence is one thing. But if you showcase behavior that you will do a favor to the company by joining this team, you have already missed your chance. Though interviewers are fond of candidates who are fond of talking, you need to be a good listener at the same time. Do not say things such as you do not have any weakness. Make sure to sound confident and mature as you showcase the capabilities of being objective, regarding your strength and weaknesses.

Do not act as if you are desperate

There is a difference between making the interviewer that you are the right fit for the profile and showing utter desperation. Even if you are in dire need of the job, you should never reflect or say it during your interview.

Avoid being negative

In order to make a long lasting impression on the recruiter, of course, you need to sell yourself. However, you should not say bad or useless stuff about yourself. Even when you are speaking about the weaknesses, make sure to acknowledge them and mention the specific steps, you are taking for bringing an improvement in the weak areas. It is better to showcase confidence but make sure not to appear overconfident.

Do not pause for a longer duration of time

A slight pause is certainly ok. However, if you keep pausing for a longer duration of time, it is going to turn into awkward silence as it may kill the positivity of the interview.

Do not bring salary till you are asked to

It is not a great idea to mention your expectations about your salary until you are asked to do so. In case you start asking questions about leaves, salary, it will appear as if you seek interest in only the money and the facilities, provided by the company, instead of the actual job.

Refrain from getting too personal

As you go for the job interview, leave the personal baggage at home. Refrain from asking any sort of personal questions or mention any personal issues during the interview.

As you follow the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to cast the right impression in your clients and there are high chances that you will land your dream job at ease. You should also ensure to master body language to gain success in the interviews. If you want to find a job in australia, you can peep into Ozdial. You can also find different it opportunities in australia via this website.


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