Impact of Vitamin D on your health

Vitamin D is recognized to be the fat-soluble vitamin which is produced in the skin after seeking a response to the sunlight. It is also referred to as the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D is produced in the body in a natural manner after being exposed to the sunlight directly. You can procure vitamin D via specific supplements and foods with an eye to ensuring a higher level of this specific vitamin in the blood. 

It is a must that the body should have vitamin D in the prerequisite amount for a wide assortment of reasons which are inclusive of maintenance of teeth and healthier bones. In addition to this, this vitamin bestows protection against a bunch of health conditions like type 1 diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis.

Deficiency of vitamin D

Though the body is responsible for the creation of vitamin D, there are a bunch of reasons owing to which the deficiency of vitamin D can occur in the body. For instance, the dark color of skin along with the usage of sunscreen brings a reduction in the ability of the body for the absorption of UV rays or ultraviolet rays of the sun.

If you apply sunscreen, having the Sun protection factor of 30, the capability of the body for synthesizing vitamin D may reduce it by almost 95 percent. For starting the production of vitamin D, it is necessary that the skin should be exposed to sunlight directly. If you stay at home mostly during day time or you reside in cities that are prone to pollution, it is a must to intake vitamin D in an additional amount from different sources. Though Vitamin D supplements are available, you can opt for this vitamin from different types of natural sources.

Few of the prominent symptoms of the deficiency of vitamin D are inclusive of loss of hair, pain in the muscles, fatigue, getting infected or sick more frequently, depression, pain in the back and bones, impaired healing of wounds. The deficiency of vitamin D in the body for a prolonged duration of time may result in other symptoms such as diabetes, obesity, depression, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome.

Health benefits of vitamin D

There are potential health benefits of vitamin D which are mentioned below:

Vitamin D for the development of healthy bones

Vitamin D plays an integral role in the maintenance of the level of phosphorous in the blood. It is also beneficial in regulating the calcium level. Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium in your intestine. It is also important for reclining calcium which is excreted via the kidneys. The deficiency of vitamin D in children can result in rickets. In adults, the deficiency of vitamin D may lead to osteoporosis. It is recognized to be one of the most common diseases among old people.

Reduction in the chances of diabetes

According to several studies, an inverse relationship exists between the chances of type 2 diabetes and the concentration of vitamin D level in the body. If an individual is suffering from type 2 diabetes, the insufficient level of vitamin D may have a negative impact on glucose tolerance as well as secretion of insulin.

Prevention of cancer

Vitamin D is really effective in order to regulate the growth of the cell as well as for the cell to cell communication. According to several studies, calcitriol, which is known to the hormonally active form of this vitamin, can bring a reduction in the progression of cancer by reducing the development as well as the growth of new blood vessels in the cancerous tissue. This vitamin enhances the death of cancer cells and decreases metastases as well as the proliferation of cells. Vitamin D has an impact on above two hundred human genes that can be impaired due to the deficiency of vitamin D.

The deficiency of vitamin D is interlinked with the chances of hypertension, heart diseases, autism, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, the severity of asthma, Alzheimer's diseases, swine flow.


If a pregnant woman is having the deficiency of vitamin D, there are higher chances for the development of preeclampsia. In addition to this, lack of this vitamin may lead to bacterial vaginosis, diabetes mellitus in pregnant women. The high level of vitamin D during pregnancy may result in food allergy in children.

Promotes weight loss

In accordance with health experts, it is recommended to add the supplements of vitamin D to the diet in case you are trying to shed those extra kilos. These vitamin D supplements are also beneficial in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Reduction of depression

According to several studies, vitamin D is helpful for the regulation of mood as well as for the removal of depression. Studies reveal the fact that if an individual is suffering from depression, there will be a noticeable improvement in the mood after intaking vitamin D supplements. In another study, deficiency of vitamin D is common in people who experience depression and anxiety.

Effect of vitamin D on mental health

Bleeding gums and decay of tooth are very common in both children as well as adults. The decay of tooth is recognized to be a common chronic condition that occurs in kids. The bleeding of gums happens to be the very first sign of gum problems. As per several studies, vitamin D plays an effective role in the promotional of dental health. It is also helpful for the prevention of gum diseases as well as the decay of tooth.

It is not mandatory that the decay of tooth is caused owing to bad oral hygiene. Vitamin D helps in the development of healthy bones and thus it enables the digestive system of the body for the absorption of calcium in the diet. Calcium along with phosphorus is responsible for the creation of the bony structure, that makes the enamel of the tooth. The dentin is located below the enamel. Dentin comprises of the live cells which are used by the body for bestowing protection to the crucial blood supply as well as nerve, present inside the tooth.

The dentin comprises of guardian cells which are located at the border of the enamel and are responsible for the release of the immune factors. They are useful for the repairing of the damaged dentin only in case an adequate amount of vitamin D is present. In case the level of vitamin D is low, the immunity system will not have sufficient fuel for bestowing protection or repairing the infected teeth.

Bleeding gums and vitamin D

Dentists recommend oral hygiene for the prevention of gingivitis. It is also referred to as the bleeding gums. In addition to being a symptom of ill dental health, gingivitis is recognized to be the symptom of the inflamed and poor immune system. In a similar way to the gut, mouth contributes to being a connection between the microbes and the immune cells. Vitamin D helps in the management of the immune system of the body. It is known to control the formation of the immune cells. Kids who have a deficiency of vitamin D are found to be at a higher risk of decay of tooth. Intaking vitamin D supplements may reduce the chances of gum diseases.

Management of vitamin D level in the body

There are a bunch of dietary and lifestyle changes that are effective in keeping the level of vitamin D really up. Here is a list of the changes that you can adopt in order to manage the level of vitamin D in your body:

Moderations in lifestyle

It is recommended to get sunlight for the time duration of thirty minutes on a daily basis. Make sure to keep your arms and face exposed to the sun. In case your arms or face are not exposed in a proper manner, there will be no conversion of vitamin D by the body. Sunlight does not have the capacity of converting to vitamin D in the skin above the latitude of 37 degrees. In case you are suffering from any sort of liver, immune or digestive problems, it will have a negative effect on the conversion on this vitamin.


Intaking vitamin D supplements are considered to be the long term solution for people suffering from vitamin D deficiency. You should ensure to consult with the health care professional prior to taking these vitamin D supplements. You should ensure to intake the vitamin D3 supplements along with an adequate amount of vitamin K2.


It is necessary to include food products, enriched with vitamin D in your diet. Few of the food products that are considered to be the rich source of vitamin D are inclusive of eggs, organ meats, fatty fish, cheese, yogurt, butter, to name a few. You should make sure to intake one to two servings of food items, enriched with vitamin D on a daily basis.

Vitamin D has a bunch of benefits and deficiency of this vitamin can lead to several serious conditions. Make sure to include this vitamin in your diet in order to ensure a healthy body and tooth.


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