Tips to master body language in an interview

Completing your graduation or other degree is undoubtedly a great accomplishment. It takes the prerequisite amount of drive, effort and a huge amount of dedication. It is your initial step in building your career in the right way. However, merely getting your degree is not the end of the world. You now need to conduct a thorough job search. Finding as well as applying for the jobs can get frustrating and consume a lot of time. However, you can leave a long-lasting impression on your interviewer as you are equipped with immense knowledge.

As you have been selected for an interview, you should ensure to make preparations in advance. There is a wide array of applicants who conduct a thorough research about the company and go for a practice run before appearing for interviews. 

Body language is considered to be an indispensable option to gain success in the interview. Body language contributes to being the reflection of mindset and attitude. Regardless of the strength and accomplishment, you have showcased, your body language plays an indispensable role in setting your impression before your recruiter. You can make your interviewer like you and make them feel that you are a perfect fit for the job via your body language. For accomplishing the same, you require demonstrating the right body language. Here are some tips to showcase the right body language during the interview:


Believe it or not, handshakes can be an effective way to impress your recruiter. Though it may appear to be a minor detail, it is known for carrying its own weight. You should make sure that your handshake is strong and you have grasped the hand completely while making the right eye contact. You should take prerequisite care during this interaction. You should make sure not to wipe your hands on the pants. It may appear to the recruiter that you are not clean. Do not place the other hand above the handshake. The extra grasp on hands may appear to be overbearing.

Leaning towards the interviewer

It is recommended to lean a bit in the forward direction while your recruiter is talking. In this way, you will be able to showcase your interest in his saying. Thus, you will be able to make the interviewer understand that you are paying attention to each and every detail of the interview. However, if you lean in the forward direction, it reveals a lack of interest or boredom.

 Leaning in the forward direction is recognized to be a positive body language as people have the tendency to lean in any conversation when they find it interesting. However, you should make sure not to overdo the same. Leaning in the forward direction too much can be troublesome as it may appear that you are faking the dedication.

You can consider titling the head once a while in order to provide the recruiter a feeling that you have been listening to every detail. It is recommended to nod head sometimes and the other for developing a positive atmosphere between you and the recruiter.

Keep smiling

In order to master positive body language during interviews, you should always make sure to smile in most circumstances. As you smile during the interview, it may appear to your interviewer that you are happy and pleased and you are interested in the job. However, avoid over smiling as this may confer the impression that you are not conferring serious answers or you are trying to hide something. Try to appear serious-faced at times. Thus, it will appear to the recruiter that you are an easy-going individual, however, you can be serious as and when required.

The perfect walk

The way you walk into the interview is going to say a lot about you. In order to provide the air of confidence, it is necessary that you should make an entry while walking with peace and the shoulders and head should be back slightly. You should make sure not to walk too slow or too fast. This will be helpful to you in procuring relaxation and at the same time, you can show your confidence to the interviewer.

You should make sure at the same time not to be too casual while walking in the interview room as it may provide an impression that you are not serious about the interview. It may seem to them that you will take a similar causal approach while meeting the consumers or clients of the business.

Making use of the hands for emphasizing the points

Believe it or not, but your hands can act as a powerful tool during the interview. It plays a vital role in emphasizing the vital points, as well as highlighting the enthusiasm. You should make sure to showcase confidence and utter trust in the points which you are going to express. You should ensure not to use your hands too much as it may distract the person who is interviewing you. It may appear that you are nervous. You may touch the fingertips altogether. It is known to suggest authority. You should, however, make sure to use the same in a moderate way.

Eye contact

It is recommended to make eye contact with the recruiter as it helps in conferring a positive impression. In the beginning, it may appear to the interviewer that you are not paying attention to them. Next, to that, the recruiter may think that you do not have any confidence in yourself and hence you are not a suitable candidate for the job. Hence, make sure to keep eye contact at the time of listening to their questions as well as replying to them. In case more than one person is taking your interview, you should ensure to switch the eye contact between the two persons. It is essential to include each one of them during the conversation. The decision for giving the job is in multiple hands and you need to take the prerequisite measures to impress all of them.

Your tone

As you speak in a clear way with utter confidence at a moderate pace, you will have the authority. In this manner, you will gain success in making the recruiters understand your point. At times, it may happen during the interview that you may feel at pressure and may end up speeding while giving answers to the questions. Prior to giving the answers, you should be taking a short pause after which the answer needs to be delivered at a moderate speed and tone.

You should make sure at the same time not to raise your voice or mumble as it may make the interviewer question your fitness for the post. You will have to maintain good communication with your clients and colleagues and hence if you fail to communicate in a proper manner during the interview, you cannot expect a callback.

Mirroring the body language of the interviewer

It is possible to maintain a good term with the interviewer while matching positive body language. However, you should make sure to accomplish the same in a careful manner as you may end up scaring them or appear too bold. Try mirroring a nod in the posture with an eye to create common ground between two people. Matching the handshake can prove to be a great equalizer. At the same time, you should make sure to show respect and maintain a professional distance. End the interview with a graceful interview.

Keep a calm posture

It is a prerequisite to maintain a calm posture during your interview. If you are feeling nervous, you may feel finger tapping, leg shaking or accelerated speech at the time of interview. Make sure not to fidget during the interview as it may enhance your anxiety instead of confidence. You should make sure to take deep breaths at the time of interview. Make sure to sit in a straight position during the interview. As you take a deep breath at the time of the interview, you will gain success in reducing the heart rate as well as clarifying the mind.

Maintain professionalism

You should make sure to appear professional during the interview. Dressing in a proper manner contributes to playing a significant role in this regard. You can wear anything you feel comfortable with but maintain utter professionalism. For instance, in case you intend to wear a skirt, you should make sure that it has a good length, primarily while you sit while crossing the legs. In case you have come with papers at the time of the interview, you need to keep them in an organized manner. You should be laying them on the table in a manner that does not require shuffling via a handbag or briefcase.
Job search is not a walk in the park and you may feel pressurized once you have completed your graduation. You can make the most out of your interview and land the job as you master body language.

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