Top 13 tips to succeed in a telephonic interview

Now that you have applied for your dream job, the telephonic interview happens to be the second stage for it. Telephonic interviews are regarded as an integral part of the recruitment process with an eye to filtering out those candidates who are believed to be unfit for the job, as per the description. This step of the interview is conducted by the HR as well as recruitment team or at times by your potential manager of the department. It is an indispensable part of the recruitment process and you should not overlook it. Your telephonic interview may end up within fifteen minutes whereas, at times, it may take almost an hour. This step is opted by the employer for ensuring that your resume is as per the facts and you are the suitable candidate, for the next step, viz., the face to face interview.
Here are some of the tips that can help you to get through your telephonic interview in a successful manner:

Make the right preparations

Just because it is on phone, does not mean you are not going to take it seriously. You need to make the right preparations just like you are going for a face to face interview. This obviously does not mean you need to iron your clothes or plan your move. However, there are certain things that you need to take care of. For instance, you should take the prerequisite time for the preparation of the telephonic interview. You should be confirming with the recruiter the total duration of time, for which the interview will continue. Make sure to clear your schedule for the specific time. Keep an extra hour in hand on either side of the interview to ensure that you are not going to push for the time.

Know the profile, for which you are going to apply

It is better to conduct research on your hiring manager as well as the company, you are planning to work for beforehand. You should make sure to go through the specifications of the job in a thorough manner and identify what additional changes you can bring on in accordance with your experience and skills. You need to practice how to answer the most commonly asked interview questions during the interview. Do not make the mistake of treating your telephonic interview in a similar way to the informal chats and start without any preparation.

Practice verbal communication skills

The fine tuning of the verbal communication skills is recognized to be the best option in order to go for a telephonic interview. You need to keep in mind that the interviewer is not going to view your expressions or body language over the phone. Thus, you have the best chance to impress your employer only with your voice. For perfecting the verbal communication skills, you can record your own voice on the phone or go for a practice interview with your roommate. This will be useful in figuring out and refrain from showcasing certain behaviors like speaking too quickly, mumbling, interrupting, or making use of filler words.

Select an ideal spot

In general, your potential employer will let you beforehand when they are going to call you for the conduction of the telephonic interview. Hence, you should make sure to select a quiet spot where there are no interruptions and you can speak in a comfortable manner. You should stay away from different noises such as radio, television, kids. Ask your roommate or other members at home not to call you during the interview. Make sure to use a good phone. You do not want your calls to drop during the time. A land phone is certainly the best option in this regard.

Get ready

Your interview may be scheduled in the morning. Wake up early, brush your teeth. Make sure that you do not sound hoarse. Go for vocal exercises and tongue twisters and drink water in abundant quantity.

Keep your documents ready

Make sure to have a hard copy of the cover letter and resume and keep the same ready. Carry a pen with you so that you can take notes as and when required. You can also use a laptop during the time. Invisibility is certainly one of the potential benefits of a telephonic interview. You should make preparations for the expected questions and write down certain points on the paper. Write in a legible and clear way so that you can have a look at them as and when required.

Be organized

Make sure to do full preparations during the telephonic interview. Make sure that your phone has a full battery, phone signal. Have the name of the recruiters, hiring manager, and their numbers on the phone. You should be clear who is calling you. Get ready prior to fifteen minutes of the call and make sure that you are in a peaceful place so that you can talk. In case you are at the workplace, step outside. If you are at your home during the telephonic interview, you need to switch the radio and television off and let people know not to call you for the next few hours. Make sure to turn your personal phone off during the time.

Show confidence

As they say, the first impression is the last impression and your telephonic interview is the best chance to make an everlasting impression on your employer. You can sell yourself during the interview via your expertise and knowledge. In addition to this, you should make sure to be in a positive state of mind. Your employer can sense your mood over the phone. As you feel enthusiastic and happy, it will be reflected in your voice.

Try asking intelligent questions

Once your employer is done with the interview, they may ask you whether you have any questions. This is the right time to show your intelligence. In response to the question, you can ask specific questions about the role, you are going to be interviewed for, the branding of the company. As you ask such type of questions, your employer is going to have an idea that you are taking the job seriously.

Refrain from asking questions related to salary

Bringing up salary during the interview process is too early. Your employer is in the process of assessment to ensure whether you are a suitable candidate for the same. Salary is discussed in the final phase of the recruitment procedure. Make sure not to ask any sort of questions, related to salary till the time.

Answer the interview call in a professional manner

You should make sure to pick up the call within the first two or three rings and provide answers in a professional way. It is a must to maintain a professional tone during the interview call.

Adjustment in the body language

Your employer is not going to see you during the interview. However, the way you sound is going to set all the difference. You should make sure to stand or sit up straight at the time of answering the questions as it will bring an improvement in the way in which you project your own voice, gesticulate and smile.

Just because your interviewer is not being able to see you does not indicate that you can go on with your bad manners. Make sure to avoid chewing gum, eating or drinking during the time. Refrain from scrolling through facebook or other social media platforms during the interview. Make sure not to appear distracted to your interviewer.

The interview may make you nervous and you may have the tendency to speak faster over the phone during the time. In case you notice that this is happening, you need to take a deep breath after pausing. You can also get up, walk around. It will be beneficial in regulating the speaking patterns as well as feel at home during the interview process.

Say thank you

Once you are done with the interview, in case you think you still intend to go for this job, it is recommended to go for a follow-up. You can give a call to your recruiter as soon as the interview is over for getting feedback. Do not forget to say thank you to your interviewer and showcase your interest in the opportunity.

Donts during the telephonic interview

The fastest way to annoy your recruiter is to interrupt him/ her in the middle of a sentence. Hence, you should let some gap prior to start answering your questions. Avoid yawning or other responses that may make you sound as if you are bored.

As you go for a follow-up call, make sure to ask them what the next phase of the interview process is. This will let them know that you have a keen interest in the job role. If your telephonic interview is for a job overseas, this telephonic interview is going to be the initial round. Hence, giving minute attention to each and every detail may enhance your chances of getting a call back for the second round. Do not forget to consider the do's and dont's in an interview to land your first job. If you are in a job hunt, have a look at Ozdial. This platform lists a wide array of employers offering jobs in Australia. You can find local job openings here.


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