Top five restaurants in Sydney to relish in mouthwatering Chinese cuisines

Chinese cuisines have earned a high reputation across the globe. Regardless of your location in the world, you crave for these dishes some day or the other. Whether you want to relish in delicious noodles or wish to enjoy the mouthwatering dumplings, Sydney has got all covered. The city has a wide array of Chinese restaurants that have earned a high reputation in serving varieties of cuisines to food lovers.

In case you are craving Chinese food in Sydney, you can refer to anyone from the below-mentioned restaurants. These places have become the number one choice of foodies owing to the delicious cuisines, they offer. They boast of decor and service of top quality.

Here is a list of some of the Chinese restaurants in Sydney:

Qing’s Kitchen

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Located in Eastwood, Qing’s Kitchen has turned out to be a specialist in serving Chinese cuisines. Founded in the year of 2015, Qing has mesmerized foodies with her talent for the preparation of Chinese cuisines. With her secret recipes, she brings to you a wide assortment of traditional dishes, that boast of a unique special twist. She works hard with her chefs with an eye to maintaining high quality for serving these delicacies. Her minute attention to each and every detail along with her passion for cooking has let her serve the best Chinese cuisines in Sydney. You can select from the wide array of choices, available at the menu.

You are going to love the warmth, gesture, and hospitality of the restaurant. Hence, if you are willing to take your family or friends to have some delicious Chinese, Qing's Kitchen is undoubtedly a perfect choice.

One of the prime reasons why food lovers love to visit the Qing's kitchen for enjoying the Chinese cuisines is due to the fact that you can get the best varieties of Chinese cuisines at the least cut off from the pocket here. Thus, you can enjoy a high quality of Chinese dining in this restaurant.

The specially made wontons add to the delicacy of the Chinese dishes, available here. Chefs prepare these wontons daily with the aid of their unique secret recipe.

Chefs Gallery

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It is another popular name in the list of the Chinese restaurant in Sydney. The menu of this restaurant features tapas of Chinese style, hearty soups, cold cuts. The dishes, available here are a combination of traditional and modern flavors. A wide array of people love the handmade noodles, available. Some of the unique varieties of food, available at this restaurant are inclusive of jumbo prawn dumplings, beef, Macanese mini burgers.

Mr. Wong

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It is regarded as one of the leading Chinese restaurants, located in the northern end of Sydney CBD. You will find an out of the ordinary mixture of Australian and Chinese influence in the decor elements, of this restaurant. It has the capacity of accommodating up to 240 guests. If you are planning to visit this restaurant with a group of friends, it has an amazing seating arrangement for the accommodation of larger groups. You can also take your partner to a romantic date in this restaurant.

Michael Luo and Dan, the star chefs of Mr. Wong bring out the most delightful dishes here. You can rejoice in a bundle of live seafood varieties that are taken from the tank. You will also love the mouthwatering dishes, available in the menu.  The menu of this restaurant has more than sixty varieties of cuisines that are prepared in the contemporary Cantonese style. The most unique part about this restaurant is that it offers bit sized dishes which are served in the steaming wooden boxes. They are considered to be the most ideal option to share in large groups.

Golden Century

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It has earned a high reputation as one of the leading Chinese eateries in Sydney. The menu of this restaurant comprises of steamed prawn dumplings, pepper squid, fried spring rolls, pork ribs, to name a few. You will love the Chinese tea, available at this restaurant. Another prime reason why people are fond of the Chinese cuisines, available at this restaurant is due to the fact that it offers fresh and live seafood.

Spice Alley

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Spice Alley is recognized to be a well-renowned name in the list of Chinese restaurants in Sydney. You can get a unique dining experience as you pay a visit to this restaurant. The menu of this restaurant features a bunch of cuisines which are inclusive of Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese dishes. Spice Alley boasts of a cashless system which ensures high hygiene standards along with the speed of service.

If you are willing to enjoy some liquor drinks, you can refer to the bar, Gin Lane of Spice Alley. It has a wide array of more than eighty gins in addition to other varieties of drinks. Owing to the wide array of cuisines available in the menu, this restaurant has turned out to be the prime choice of foodies in Sydney. You can procure a unique and refined dining experience as you pay a visit to Sydney in order to rejoice in the most delicious varieties of food.

Fortune Village

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Nestled in the city of Sydney, Fortune Village has turned out to be one of the top Chinese restaurants. The rich history is one of the prominent causes why people are fond of this Chinese eatery. Founded in the year of 1981, a Chan family operates the restaurant. Simin Chan runs this restaurant currently and he works hard with his team members for keeping the traditions of the family intact. You are going to have memorable Chinese dining as you choose this restaurant to relish in mouthwatering Chinese cuisines.

In addition to offering mouth-watering food, this place has become the number one choice of people for its friendly service. It stands out of the ordinary in adding a personalized touch to the dining experience. You are sure to get the best ever Chinese food here. Friendly staffs are yet another reason why people love to pay a visit to this restaurant.

The menu of this restaurant has a wide range of various traditional dishes that confer the quintessential version of the different dishes. These cuisines boast of the provincial influences that are mixed with the modern twists with an eye to making the place more interesting for regular consumers. You are going to be jaw dropped with the stunning decor of the place. The warm and inviting atmosphere of the place will let you visit this place time and again.

China Doll

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China Doll is another eminent name in the list of Chinese restaurants in the city of Sydney. Food lovers love the amazing waterfront dining experience here. This establishment stands out of the ordinary in offering a unique dining experience to folks. You can get the best of traditional cuisines from Japan, and Chinese here. You are going to love the flavor of the different cuisines, available in the robust menu.

Frank Shek, the head chef of China Doll has a team of different chefs who hail from various parts of Asia. This hardworking and dedicated team stands second to none in offering the most delicious Chinese delicacy in Sydney. The warm and family atmosphere of this place offers the best variety of food to the consumers.

You are going to get a bunch of fresh seafood offerings as you visit China Doll. You can also get the amazing range of the banquets which are a suitable option for a group of four members or more. The place is also ideal for its amazing variety of cocktails which are suitable for different occasions. You will love the wide selection of wines that are available in this restaurant. For people with a sweet tooth, the eatery offers light feeling and decadent options of dessert.

This Chinese eatery in Sydney boasts of the minimalistic decor which speaks of the amazing natural surroundings. As you enter the restaurant, you are sure to find a wide array of seating options along with two unique private rooms.

The Vase Room, located on the wharf level of the eatery offers stunning views of Sydney Skyline. Space is suitable for accommodating up to forty people. The Mezzanine is recognized to be a room, present on the second floor that has the shape of an L. This rooms has forty seated guests. It is possible to accommodate up to fifty guests for the cocktail function. The windows of Mezzanine overlooks the well renowned Woolloomooloo wharf.

This place has become the prime destination for hosting a bunch of corporate events and different specialized events. The natural beauty of the nearby places plays an indispensable role in offering an out of the ordinary dining experience.

If you are looking for the best Chinese eatery in Sydney for satisfying your taste buds, you will definitely love the food, available at the above mentioned Chinese restaurants. You can pay a visit to these places with your friends, family or you can plan a romantic date in these restaurants. If you are looking for other types of resturants in Sydney, you can refer to Ozdial. Ozdial happens to be one of the best free local business listing sites australia. If you have a business here, you can list your business online here.


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