Top summer spots to visit in Melbourne

Summer season in the city of Melbourne boasts of white sandy beaches, jazz music. People are highly enthusiastic during the time and opt to take a trip. During the summer season, the temperature in Melbourne is within the rage of 24-40 degree C. Summer begins in December month here whereas February marks the ending of summer. Summer witnesses sunny and warm days whereas other days are found to be cloudy and cool. Summers are known to have their own charm in Australia. Several tourists pay a visit to Australia during the summer season with an eye to witnessing the vibrancy of the city.

Here are few of the top summer spots in the city of Melbourne:

Paying a visit to IceBar Melbourne

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IceBar Melbourne is nestled in the middle part of Brunswich Street. It is recognized to be one of the leading summer destinations in the city of Melbourne. If you are willing to chill indoors, it is definitely the most ideal summer spot. Whether it is the sculptured in the place or those cocktail glasses, you will find that each and everything here is constructed with ice. In order to ensure optimum comfort to your guests, the place offers warm snow capes, ugg boots, gloves to the visitors here.

Take a refreshing dip

Melbourne offers a pleasant experience in the summer season, in spite of the blazing sun. Every time you feel that you require escaping the sun, you can go into the well-renowned sea beaches for a refreshing dive. There is a wide assortment of sea beaches in Melbourne where people enjoy to the fullest during the summer season. 

Swimming in these beaches is recognized to be the best option for beating the scoring heat of the sun and rejuvenating yourself. A wide array of travelers love to take participation in different wart sports during the summer season. Few of the popular spots which you can refer to for swimming are inclusive of The Langham, St. Kilda Sea Baths, Leisure Centre, WaterMarc Aquatic.

Relishing in gelatos

Gelatos are considered to be the prime choice of foodies during those summer days. If you are a person with a sweet tooth, you are going to love these food items. They are different from traditional ice creams. In addition to the gelators, you can find different varieties of ice creams here which are inclusive of candied bacon, fairy floss clouds, unicorns, sea salt, to name a few. These desserts are going to satisfy your taste buds in a perfect manner in those hot days. Few of the well-renowned ice creams, found in Melbourne are inclusive of Gelato Messina, Pidapipo Gelateria, to name a few.

View the city from the hot air balloon

The best option for beating the heat during those summer days is coming at closer proximity to the wind. You can consider riding in the hot air balloon during the summer season and get a view of the city. You are sure to have an out of the ordinary and memorable experience during sunset or sunrise. You are going to get mesmerized by the beauty of the city from the hot air balloons.

Go to South Melbourne Night Market for partying

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You are sure to have a wonderful time as you visit the summer night market, present in South Melbourne. You are going to witness the culture and history of the place here. The market is considered to be the meeting place for the suppliers, growers, and shoppers. There are almost 150 stalls here. You are going to find delicious pastries, amazing coffee, fresh seafood here. You can enjoy boozing, eating delicious cuisines and dancing while live music is held on the stage. There are a bunch of food carts, food marquees, and food trucks in the place.

Visiting Queen Victoria’s Night Market

If you are annoyed owing to the scoring heat of the sun in Australia, the Queen Victoria’s Night Market is certainly the ideal place for hanging out. You can explore the lifestyle and culture of Melbourne city here. If you are a foodie, you will rejoice in various mouthwatering dishes, available in different food stalls here. In addition to this, the Night Market of Queen Victoria has a bundle of fashion stalls, festive bars.

Go for cruising in the Yarra River

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You can enjoy a relaxing ride while cruising on the Yarra River. You are going to be enchanted by the spellbinding view of the city during the cruising. If you need a break from the usual life during the summer season in Melbourne, cruising in the River of Yarra is certainly going to provide an amazing experience to you. You can go for a dinner cruise here. You will find a bundle of choices here that stands second to none in offering you an unforgettable experience here.

Taking participation in summer sports

Different types of sports are held in Melbourne during the summer. You can pick one from cycling to tennis, in accordance with your preferences. By taking participation in these sports activities, you can have the utmost fun during the summer season.

Sea bathing in St Kilda

St Kilda contributes to being one of the well-renowned summer hangouts in the city of Melbourne. You are going to love the amazing impact of swimming in natural water. You are going to love the hydrotherapy spa pool as well as a seawater pool here. The place is known for its amazing beautiful view. The Baths have also gained a high prominence for its aromatherapy steam room, cafe, and gym.

Pay a visit to Arbory Bar

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If you are looking for a perfect place in order to hang out during the summer season in Melbourne, visit Arbory Bar. It offers a 360-degree view of the CBD skyline and Yarra River. The place has turned out to be the prime choice of travelers owing to its amazing list of cocktails. Tourists love the wine lists inspired by Mediterranean type here. This place is opened throughout the week from 11 in the morning till eleven at night. You can also visit this place on the eve of New Year and Christmas Day. The place is crowded during the summer season.

Seeking participation in different classic cultural festivals

Melbourne is recognized to be one of the prime tourist destinations in Melbourne city where you can find a mesmerizing show. You can witness a bunch of fun and classic cultural activities here throughout the whole year. In case you intend to explore Melbourne in the best possible manner during the summer season, make sure to take participation in different well-renowned festivals that are celebrated here. Few of the best festivals that you require attending in the city of Melbourne in the summer season are inclusive of Rainbow Serpent Festival, Cool Summer Festival, St. Filda Festival, Sugar Mountain, to name a few.

Watch a movie in the largest IMAX of the world

IMAX, the largest cinema screen across the globe is one of the must-visit destinations in Melbourne. If you want to escape from the heat of the sun in the city, you can go for a movie in IMAX of Melbourne. You are going to have an experience of a lifetime as you watch a movie in this IMAX here.

Bushrangers Bay

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In order to procure relaxation in Melbourne city during the summer season, you can refer to Bushrangers Bay. You are going to love the clear rock pools here. If you are fond of swimming, you will definitely love these pools. This hidden beach features dark and brooding cliffs and you can go walking here.

Bellarine Peninsula

One of the many vineyards overlooking Port Phillip Bay on the Bellarine peninsula.

Bellarine Peninsula is another weekend gateway from Melbourne that can provide relaxation and comfort during the summer season. It is considered to be a perfect spot where you can go for a walk with your friends. The surrounding of the beaches is filled with rock pools. The place has earned a high reputation throughout the globe for the Australian Blue Mussels.

In case you are planning to take a trip to Melbourne during the summer season, you should pack loose tees made of cotton, culottes, shorts, dresses. You should also make sure to carry layers with you. You need to carry sunglasses as well as a hat to escape the scoring heat of the sun. You need to apply sunscreen, having a sunscreen protection factor of more than thirty. You need to be hydrated by intaking slushies or water. You can procure an out of the ordinary and memorable experience by taking participation in different sports as well as beach activities in the city. 

You can ride different waterslides in the city during the summer season. Melbourne is definitely a beautiful city and you will be able to enjoy to the fullest as you visit the above-mentioned spots during the time. Plan a trip to Melbourne this summer and rest assured that you are going to enjoy the best summer break of your life.

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