Top things to do during your stay in Melbourne

Melbourne is recognized to be a dynamic metropolis that boasts of inner-city neighborhoods, amazing city center. The lofty mountain ranges and lush green parks make it the prime choice of nature lovers. Travelers are fond of this place owing to the out of the ordinary dining options, cultural diversity, and excellent street art. 

It is recognized to be the coffee capital of the globe. It has earned a high reputation as one of the most livable cities in the world. You are never going to run short of things to do as you pay a visit to Melbourne. In case you are planning a trip to the city, take a look at our bucket list of the top things to do in Melbourne:

Relish in the most delicious coffee

If you are a coffee geek, you will be able to taste the most delicious coffee in the world in Melbourne. It has earned a high reputation as one of the most popular coffee cities across the world. The baristas of the city are highly committed to their craft. This world leader of cafe and coffee culture has made coffee lovers visit it time and again. The coffee culture of the city is believed to be incredible. You can find delicious coffee while moving through the lanes of Melbourne. You can find the best coffee in the city at Patricia which is located on Little Bourke Street. It is recognized to be a tiny hole present in the wall place where there are no options for seating. However, people stand in a queue to rejoice in the most delicious coffee here. The place is also loved for its friendly staff and it has become more hyped at present.

Moving through the laneways

A wide array of travelers moves through the wide assortment of laneways in the city in order to view the beauty of the city. You can refer to the Federation Square Visitor Information Centre to find the city maps. Few of the most interesting laneways of this city are inclusive of AC/DC lane, Centre Place, Degraves Lane, and Hardware Lane. While moving through these lanes in Melbourne, you will find a bunch of things to do. You can rejoice in delicious cuisines in these streets. As a traveler, you can witness the urban culture of the city while wandering through these lanes.

Enjoy the nightlife at Crown Casino Complex

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The crown casino complex, located in Melbourne is recognized to be a massive casino and resort complex which is located adjacent to the river of Yarra. It has gained a high prominence as the largest casino complex, present in Southern hemisphere. If you are willing to enjoy the nightlife of the city, you can pay a visit to the place. The place is opened for twenty-four hours daily, other than three public holidays each year. 

In case you love to gamble, you are sure to procure immense fun in this place. In addition to this, it has become the number one luxury shopping destination in the world. The city boasts of pumping nightlife as well as amazing restaurants. You will also love the lovely fountains as well as light/sound shows of the Atrium Area here. Pyrotechnic towers are present out of the complex where you will be mesmerized by the shooting firewalls present in the night sky. They are known to be as the Gas Brigades and are considered to be the largest of the kind in its niche.

Take delight in Italian food on Lygon Street

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The Lygon Street Italian Precinct has gained high popularity as Little Italy. It has gained high popularity as an amazing leafy street which runs through a bunch of Melbournian suburbs. The place boasts of an enriched cafe culture where coffee lovers can indulge in the high quality of the coffee. You are sure to enjoy the best variety of Italian food here. The place has also become the top choice of local people as well as travelers owing to the Italian produce as well as culture stores, a bunch of shopping boutiques, and the amazing Lygon Buildings that were constructed in the year of 1888.

Penguin spotting at St. Kilda

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St Kilda is filled with a wide array of attractions for travelers as well as locals. The place boasts of community gardens, mouthwatering cakes of Acland Street. A wide array of people pay a visit to the place for enjoying the nightlife here. In addition to this, the place has an amazing beach with well renowned Victorian beach houses along with the pier. You will be amazed to know that you can spot little penguins in this area of Melbourne city. These create arrive at the place during the night after sunset. You can find flocks of penguins in summer season here. Penguin guides provide answers to any queries about penguins in the place.

Go for a picnic with your friends in Carlton Gardens

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The Carlton Gardens complex is recognized to be a site, which is widely spread over a land of twenty-six hectare. The Melbourne Museum, Royal Exhibition Building, and Imax Cinema happen to be some of the top tourist attraction of the place. The place has secured a position in the UNESCO World Heritage List. You can access the place from the city center by walking. This place turns out to be the prime choice of tourists owing to the amazing fountains, immaculate gardens, and gorgeous architecture.

If you want to go for a walk with your spouse, the gardens are considered to be a perfect spot in this respect. You can find a wide assortment of international and Australia flora here. In addition to this, you can witness a wide array of events here which are inclusive of gardening festivals.

Paying a visit to Block Arcade

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The Block Arcade is recognized to be a retail precinct which is present in the heritage shopping arcade. It was established in the year of 1892. The place has earned a high reputation among the travelers owing to its enriched history and out of the ordinary architecture. It gains an insight into the past. It also boasts of quirky Art of Dr. Seuss gallery, amazing luxury boutiques, Haigh's chocolates, and Hopetoun Tearooms.

Paying a visit to Old Melbourne Gaol

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Old Melbourne Gaol is recognized to be a museum, located in the city center. Established in the year of 1842, it was a prison till the year of 1929. It was actually the site where a bunch of popular criminals of Australia such as Ned Kelly was executed during its operation. You can get an insight into the life of the people during the 1800s by paying a visit to this museum. You may be shocked by the harsh conditions of people during the past as you visit this museum. The museum is inclusive of a wide array of artifacts which is inclusive of the death masks of several executed criminals.


Melbourne has become the favorite vacation spot of shopping lovers. A wide array of people pay a visit to this place to indulge in top-class shopping. Chapel Street, present in the city has earned a high reputation among international and local celebrities. The place has become the number one destination for shopping lovers to purchase top quality of apparels. 

You can pay a visit to the previous Melbourne Government Post office during your visit to Melbourne which is a shopping mall at present. Brigade Road, located in Richmond is considered to be a wonderful spot where you can go for outlet shopping. You can intake delicious food at the least cut off from the pocket here. The place also boasts of amazing homeware here. Fitzroy has become widely popular for the vintage finds, eclectics. In addition to this, Chadstone and Highpoint is known to be highly popular for the shopping malls of large size that has a wide array of international and Australian brands.

Pay a visit to MCG

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MCG or the Melbourne Cricket Ground is regarded as the favorite stadium for Australians. People of Melbourne city are extremely fond of sports and MCG happens to be the center of attraction in this regard. It houses the Melbourne Cricket Club. It is also known for hosting the well renowned AFL, international rugby, soccer, and different other events. It was constructed in the year of 1853. This stadium has been renovated several times. It is recognized to be the largest stadium in the country. The Melbourne Cricket Ground houses the Olympic Museum and Australian Gallery of Sport.

Enjoying Gourmet Greek Dinner

The city of Melbourne has a wide assortment of the Greek population. As you pay a visit to Melbourne, you can savor in delicious Greek food. The area has a wide array of Greek cultural shops where you can enjoy the best quality of Gourmet Greek dinner. If you are a foodie, you are going to love these delicious cuisines, available in these food spots. The Hellenic Museum is located near these shops.

You are never going to run short of things to do during your stay in the city. You can pay a vist to the leading tourist attractions in Melbourne and enjoy to the fullest. You can have a look at Ozdial to gain more information on this topic. It is one of the Australia business listing site free where it is possible to post your business add free.


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