Top Things to do in Sydney

Sydney is recognized to be the largest city in the country of Australia. It has a population of more than five million. It boasts of stunning beaches, gorgeous architecture, and unique history. The place has earned a high reputation for its diverse wildlife. The place has more than 650 suburbs where everyone has something for different tourists as well as locals. Though Sydney is primarily a beach town, you can also enjoy the boutique galleries, stunning museums, shopping, here. You can indulge in a lot of things as you plan a trip to Sydney. Here are a few of the top things to do during your visit to Sydney:

Go for walking tours

If you do not mind walking, you can save a huge cut off from the pocket by indulging in walking tours. You can enjoy different sights of the city by walking while seeking the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced local guide. You can consider walking along the Sydney Harbor Bridge and enjoy the panoramic view of the city in a perfect manner. You should begin from The Rocks, present at the Southern End after which you should be taking the stroll along the 1.4 km bridge for reaching the Milsons Point, present in the northern end.

You can also go for Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk during your trip to Sydney. It is recognized to be an amazing walk and is a great option for spending a wonderful time in the city. As you take this stroll, you are going to be mesmerized by the amazing views of the rock pools, bays, cliffs. Other sites that you will love to watch during this walking tour are inclusive of the beaches of Clovelly, Bronte, Gordon's Bay, and Tamarama.

Plan a picnic in the Centennial Park

The Centennial Park is recognized to be an oasis which is located at closer proximity to CBD. This place is a suitable option for picnics. You will gain success in enjoying the grassy hills, a lush oasis of the ponds as well as woodlands here. It was established in the year of 1888 as a public open space. It was considered to be the venue in order to inaugurate the Federation in the year 1901. It is inclusive of the rollerblading track, dedicated cycle. You can have the perfect opportunities to indulge in horse riding here.

Exploring the neighborhoods in the city

You can enjoy the vibrancy of nature by taking a stroll around the city of Sydney. Few of the popular neighborhoods of Sydney that are regarded as the best ever place to enjoy the beauty of nature are inclusive of Surry Hills, Darling Harbour, Paddington, The Rocks District. Surry Hills has an eclectic combination of pubs, bars, restaurants, and cafes where you can take delight in different types of cooking styles. You can enjoy the most unique food culture while visiting this place. Paddington is recognized to be a popular neighborhood, located in Sydney where you can indulge in unique boutique shopping. The Paddington markets are known to be held here every Saturday. This place has earned a high reputation for the restaurants, cafes, art galleries and different rows of the amazing Victorian terraces.

The historic Rocks district happens to be one of the major tourist attraction in the city. It is regarded as the oldest city in the country. It boasts of few striking heritage buildings which boast of cobblestone lanes and intriguing history. You can gain information about the history of the specific area while visiting the three floors.

Visiting St Mary’s Cathedral

St Mary’s Cathedral is located at close proximity to Hyde Park. It is recognized to be the Gothic church of English style. It is known to be the symbol of different spiritual origin of Sydney. You can take participation in free guided tours to the place on Sundays.

Paying a visit to Hyde Park

Hyde Park is recognized to be the oldest park in the country. The place boasts of central open green space which has earned a high reputation among people who look for some time out and fresh air. This place comprises of a wide assortment of statues and monuments. The central pathway along the park is known to be a wonderful fig lined road. You can indulge in a wide assortment of activities during the summer time.

Take participation in the celebration of festivals

As you plan a visit to Sydney, you can enjoy the celebration of several festivals in the city. Few of the most popular festivals that are celebrated in the city are inclusive of Sydney Mardi Gras, New Year's Eve, The Sydney Festival, and Vivid Sydney. Sydney Mardi Gras happens to be one of the largest LGBT pride festivals and parade, conducted across the globe. A wide array of people are seen to move down Oxford and Flinders while carrying different colorful floats.

 You can enjoy the best fireworks display during New Year's Eve in Sydney. The Sydney Festival happens to be another popular festival where you can take participation in almost eighty events. Few of the events that are conducted during the festival are inclusive of music, theatre, dance, cross-media, visual arts. Vivid Sydney happens to be another popular festival in Sydney where you are going to be amazed by the canvas of music, light as well as ideas.

Go for shopping

If you are fond of shopping, Sydney will never disappoint you. A wide array of markets are present in the city of Sydney where you can take a bundle of photographs. Few of the popular market in the city is inclusive of Bondi Markets, Paddington Markets, Sydney Fish Market, and Paddy's Markets. While visiting The Rocks Markets, you can find a bunch of handmade jewelry, fashionable products, health and beauty accessories, book and music, souvenirs. 

This market is primarily opened on Sundays and Saturdays. The Bondi Market is opened mainly on Sunday and you can find different types of handmade jewelry products, designer clothing, retro furniture, arts, vintage clothes and crafts here.

As you pay a visit to Paddington Market, you can find a bunch of designer fashion accessories. You can visit this market on Saturdays. Huge markets are present near Chinatown which has earned a high reputation as padd's Markets. These markets stand second to none in selling clothes, vegetables, fruits, sunglasses, CDs, jewelry, flowers, tourist souvenirs, to name a few.

Enjoying different shows

The city of Sydney boasts of different types of performances and events on each night of the week. The popular Sydney Opera House is worth mentioning among them. It is recognized to be a popular UNESCO world heritage site where you will find a wide array of indie concerts, ballets, theater, and stand up comedy. In addition to this, the 1920s State Theatre, located in the Central Business district hosts a bunch of concerts, international ballets, and orchestras of high class in a majestic setting. Every neighborhood has smaller venues and theaters of its own theme which is known to welcome different types of performers in the city. You can enjoy to the fullest by taking participation in the live music and comedy shows which are conducted at Enmore Theatre each night. In case you are a movie buff, you can go to Ritz Cinema present in Randwick neighborhood for watching the latest blockbuster. It is known to be the prime choice of movie lovers as they can enjoy the shows in an amazing art deco setting.

Food and wine

If the cuisines of Sydney has satisfied your taste buds, you should definitely pay a visit to the bars. The city of Sydney boasts of an eclectic collection of different types of watering holes which are inclusive of casual wine bars, craft beer spots, speakeasies. You will fall in love with the chilled out vibe of the music venues and small bars, located in Newtown neighborhoods, Enmore, and Surry Hills. In case you are fond of craft beer bars and whiskey, this city is certainly the ideal destination for you.

Whiskey lovers are fond of the library like environment, present at The Baxter Inn where a bunch of suspendor clas connoisseurs is seen to ride on the sliding ladder with an eye to plucking the best ever bottles. The Shady Pines Saloon happens to be one of the busiest bars, located in Darlinghurst. You can drink green apple juice along with whiskey. It is considered to be a staple drink in Sydney and people come from distant locations to enjoy this drink.

If you love to savor the craft cocktails, you can pay a visit to Black Bottle. It contributes to being a French wine shop where the bon vivant vibes are sure to amaze you. Here, you can enjoy boutique wines, cocktails, fresh seafood tapas, artisanal cheeses, cured meats. The Stitch Bar, located in Central Business district offers food of American diner style, creative cocktails, sticky ribs, to name a few. You can also pay a visit to the beaches in Sydney and have a wonderful time in the city. You can gain additional details about the city and its tourism from Ozdial. Ozdial happens to be one a local business listing site australia where you can list your business online.


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