Top tourist attractions in Melbourne

Melbourne is recognized to be the second largest metropolitan city in Australia. The multicultural, elegance and vibrancy of the place has made it the prime choice of travelers throughout the country. The city offers a unique European feel and thus travelers across the globe pay a visit to the place on a regular basis. Being one of the trendiest and modern cities of the world, you can find a bunch of must-see destinations in this city.

The city boasts of chic neighborhoods, amazing street art, rooftop bars, as well as sleek architecture. Apart from modern city living, you are going to get amazed with the bliss of nature here. Whether you want to enjoy a wonderful nightlife or willing to relax in the lap of nature, or you want to indulge in mouthwatering cuisines, the city has something for everyone. There is a wide assortment of tourist attractions in the city owing to which a bunch of tourists loves to pay a visit to the place on a regular basis. In case you are planning a trip to Melbourne, do not forget to visit the below-mentioned places:

Great Ocean Road

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This place offers breathtaking scenarios for travelers. It is known to run along the coastline of Victoria between Allansford and Torquay. Extended on a road of 243 km, it is considered to be an indispensable part of the list of Australian National Heritage. This route has become the number one choice of clients owing to the formation of natural rocks. If you want to view the most scenic drive, go to this place without a second thought. You can also go for koala spotting in the place. You can spend time while discovering the Apollo Bay here. Several tourists go for the amazing helicopter flight here.

Federation Square

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Established in the year of 2002, Federation Square stands out of the ordinary in commemorating hundred years of federation. A wide array of travelers chooses it as an integral part in order to begin sightseeing. It is nestled opposite the Flinders Street Station. The building boasts of the ultra-modern design of different closed and open spaces contrasts. Above two thousand events are conducted here throughout the year. You will find different sources of entertainment in the intimate indoor venue of the place. The place also has Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia where you can get amazed with the glimpse of Australian Art.

Melbourne Zoo

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If you are fond of viewing wildlife, visit Melbourne Zoo without a second thought. This zoo is spread over a land of more than twenty-two hectares. Founded in the year of 1862, you can find more than 320 species of different animals here. You are going to love the Trail of the Elephants as you visit this zone. The Orang-utan Sanctuary happens to be another optimum tourist attraction in the city of Melbourne where the animals are known to reside in the treetop home. There are a bunch of wildlife encounters here which are inclusive of twilight music concerts. You are sure to have a fun packed wildlife experience as you visit this zoo.

Yarra River Cruise

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You will be able to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature while cruising in the Yarra river cruise. You can gain information about the history of the river during cruising. It is considered to be a fun and relaxing option, away from the hustles and bustles of life. As you cruise along the river, the Birrarung Marr is a sight, to catch. In case you are running out of time, go for Sightseeing cruise in River Gardens Melbourne.

Parliament House

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You will be surprised to know that this place can be accessed by travelers even during a live parliament session. It was constructed at the time of Gold Rush. The interior of the building boasts of amazing decorations along with chandeliers, gold leaf, and amazing mosaic floor. You can avail informative tours at absolutely free of cost from Monday to Friday on those specific days when there is no live parliament session.

National Gallery of Victoria

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In case you are fond of arts, National Gallery of Victoria is a must-see destination for you. It is recognized to be one of the oldest public art gallery, located in the country of Australia. It houses above seventy thousand artworks in two different city locations. The international collection is present in St. Kilda Road building which was constructed in the year of 1968 and underwent huge renovation in the year of 2003. The Great Hall happens to be one of the worth mentioning features of this building in which visitors are found to gaze at the stained glass ceiling while lying on the floor. You can find the mesmerizing Australian collection in the Ian Potter Gallery, located in Federation Square. It boasts of the rich Australian art history ranging from Aboriginal Works to Heidelberg School.


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Dockland contributes to being the latest waterfront entertainment project in Melbourne. The satellite village boasts of restaurants, cafes, parklands, tourist attractions, and restaurants. You can find a spectacular view from Melbourne Star, the giant Observation wheel. In addition to this, the area houses Junior Wonderland which is an amusement park, Etihad Stadium, Icehouse.

Immigration Museum

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Present in the Old Customs House, you can gain insight into real stories of individuals from different parts throughout the country. The permanent collection of this building is considered to be engaging and interactive. Unique exhibitions are known to add to the appeal of the museum. You can gain a unique perspective of the Earlier European settlement here.

Royal Botanical Gardens

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The Royal Botanical Gardens is recognized to be one of the top tourist destinations in Melbourne. Founded in the year of 1846, it is found in two locations: Cranbourne, and Melbourne. The Royal Botanical Gardens, located in Melbourne is widespread over the 38-hectare area. It has above 8,500 unique species of plants. In addition to this, the Ian Potter Foundation Children's Garden provides motivation to the gardeners. Several tourists go for Aboriginal Heritage Walk where they can witness the rich heritage of Australians. During the summer season. live theater is regarded as the highlight of this garden. A popular spot is present by the lake where people go for picnics.

Eureka Tower

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This tower is named after the Eureka Stockade. It stands tall ninety-one stories above the ground. The gold plated windows and gold crown of this skyscraper is known to be an addition to the theme. Skydeck which is present on the 88th floor offers an amazing public view of different buildings of Southern Hemisphere.

Queen Victoria Market

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This place has earned a high reputation among travelers and locals in Australia. It is recognized to be the number one choice of shopping lovers since the year 1878. The shopping complex boasts of amazing food halls and various market stalls where you can find each and everything that range from arts, clothing, toys. You can also find different types of toys here. Special events like music concerts, night markets are held in the place during the summer season.

Shrine of Remembrance

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Nestled in Kings Domain Gardens, it was constructed after the ending of First World War with an eye to commemorating the Victorians that took participation in the Great War. It functions as the poignant reminder for all servicemen as well as women. It becomes the prime point of focus during ceremonies on Remembrance Day and ANZAC day. You will love the lighting of the building during the night time.

Royal Exhibition Building and Melbourne Museum

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Amazing gardens, as well as parkland, surround Melbourne Museum. This museum boasts of a wide variety of collection that speaks of culture and society of Australia. The highlights of this place are inclusive of Phar Lap exhibit, Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre. It also houses the Children's Gallery which is essentially a series of different hands-on activities that are designed for the stimulation as well as the engagement of the youngsters.

The Royal Exhibition Building is situated adjacent to this museum. It was constructed in the year 1880 and is known to host the International Exhibition of Melbourne. The very first Commonwealth Parliament of the country was the first half in this building in the year of 1901. You can avail regular tours here. The building is widely used even today for the conduction of different exhibitions as well as specialized events.

In case you are planning a trip to Melbourne, you will find a wide array of sightseeing places in the city. You can also go for the well-renowned excursion to the Great Ocean Road. Melbourne houses a bundle of enriched cultural attractions in Australia. Amazing wilderness areas are known to surround this place. Several tourists pay a visit to Melbourne throughout the year. You can also find the blessings of Mother Nature as you visit this place. If you are fond of fishing and hiking, Melbourne should be your go-to spot for the next vacation. There are a number of things to do in Melbourne. You can refer to Ozdial to find additional information about the city. It is one of the top australia business listing websites where you it is possible to add your business free.


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