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Tasmania is recognized to be the Treasure Island for shopping lovers. You are sure to fall in love with the fluffy koalas and archetypical boomerangs of the place. The place offers a wide array of unique handicraft items here. The cities are known for having shopping malls, boutiques, galleries, etc. It houses some of the most amazing markets and shops in Australia. Shopping lovers love to pay a visit to this place time and again to purchase jewelry products, wilderness photography, paintings, to name a few. If you want to go on a shopping spree, do not forget to take a look at some of the most amazing shopping centers in the city of Tasmania:

Salamanca Market

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Located at close proximity to Marina and Georgian buildings as the backdrop, this lovely market is considered to be the star attraction of this city. It is considered to be the most ideal destination for foreign shoppers as well as local people. As you go to the place every Saturday morning, you can find arts, flavors and produce of Tasmania. You can also find hand knitted beanies, paintings, jams, local cheese, here. In case you are looking for a unique gift, take a look at the crafts stall here. You will find a wide array of locally made handicraft products here that are inclusive of glassware, fashion accessories, jewelry products, ceramic items, etc.

Hobart Streets

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This shopping destination boasts of some of the most amazing marketplaces. You are sure to have an out of the ordinary shopping experience here. If you want to shop for fashionable apparels, you can pay a visit to Liverpool Street, Murray Street, etc. If you are looking for locally made and designed apparels, you can have a look at different outlets, present in the city. This shopping destination specialized in different types of artwork and handicrafts. You can find different forms of jewelry such as pieces of traditional tribal jewelry. It is also possible to find various types of silver and gold items, that feature elaborate and original designs.

Penguin Market

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It contributes to being the largest market in the north of Tasmania. It has more than one hundred stalls that house fine Tasmanian woodwork, fashion accessories, jewelry products, handmade, and craft items. You can browse a plethora of locally made products in this market which is created by a bunch of well-skilled artists and artisans love handmade crafts, jewelry, local farm produce, Tasmania timbers, etc. In addition to this, the market has a wide display of different types of antiques like collectors products, coins, furniture and stock of lollypop. Talented musicians perform during Sundays here.


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You can find some of the most amazing shopping destinations here. People are fond of this place as they can indulge in fascinating and vibrant shopping scenes here. You can find different old buildings here. This place is filled with antique stores, markets, boutiques, handmade products. In addition to this, there is a wide array of shops which is filled with different varieties of Tasmanian treasures. It is considered to be one of the best places for purchasing woodcraft of Tasmania in the form of homeware products, sculpture and smart contemporary furniture products that are made of local timbers like sassafras, Huon pine, myrtle, Blackwood.

Drill Hall Emporium

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It is recognized to be one of the must-visit antique stores. It is recognized to be the stunning combination of antique furniture products, decorator items, utilitarian household objects, to name a few. It is situated in the historical township of the New Norfolk. It is located at half an hour distance from Hobart.

Margate Train

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It stands out of the ordinary in offering an amazing shopping experience. It is located at twenty minutes distance from the southern part of Hobart. It is also located at a short drive from the southern part of Kingston. The Margate train was previously known as Tasman Limited. It was constructed in the year 1950 in England. It functioned as the passenger service between Launceston and Hobart. The carriages of the train are known to the home to a wide assortment of retail businesses such as art and craft items, a microbrewery. It also boasts of a buffet car that offers pancake parlor and espresso coffee. In addition to this, you can find a huge antique warehouse in the place. It also boasts of a play area for children where kids can enjoy to the fullest. In addition to this, you can find options for car parking, here. It has a restaurant where you can relish in mouthwatering cuisines. If you want to enjoy a picnic with your friends, you can refer to this place.

Simon Martin Whips & Leathercraft

It is recognized to be a type of shop where you can shop for different products. It is the one and only place in Tasmania city where you can find Australian Stockwhips and Saddles. This retail shop has earned a high reputation for offering a wide array of products which are inclusive of handbags, belts, Akubra's, R.M. Williams, boots, etc. It is located at one hour drive from Launceston. In case you are willing to go shopping with your family, you can refer to this place without a second thought.

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