Things to do in Tasmania

Tasmania is recognized to be one of the top tourist destinations in Australia that boasts of natural beauty. There are a number of things to do during your visit to Tasmania. Tourists can climb the jagged mountain peaks, procure the ultimate relaxation on the white sandy beaches. You can even explore the bustling city markets here. In case you are planning a trip to Tasmania, there are few things to do in the city:

Shopping at Salamanca Market

Hobart's Salamanca Market contributes to being one of the well-renowned tourist destinations in the city. Almost twenty-five thousand to forty thousand people pay a visit to the city every weekend. The market takes place during Saturday mornings. You can find more than three hundred stalls line at the waterfront of Hobart. It is considered to be one of the best places to pick a souvenir. You can take delight in local food in this market. Even when there is no market, tourists prefer paying a visit to the place for cafes, restaurants, pubs, and shops.

Cruising in the Gordon River

Cruising along the Gordon River happens to be one of the major tourist destinations in Tasmania. You are going to get mesmerized by the scenario of the World Heritage Area. You can access the place via boating. While cruising along the river, you can go to Sarah Island and Macquarie Harbour. As you reach Sarah Island, you will be able to explore several ruins.

Hiking on the cradle mountains

It is recognized to be one of the popular tourist destinations in the city.  It houses the Overland Track along with the amazing Cradle Mountain. It contributes to being an integral part of Wilderness World Heritage Area of the city of Tasmania. It boasts of an amazing scenario. Even people who are a newbie in hiking can enjoy to the fullest in the place. It is possible to get access to Cradle Mountain while driving to the Dove Lake. From the place, you will be able to enjoy out of the ordinary view of the Cradle Mountain. Several tourists love to go for a stroll along the lake.

Visiting the Nut

The nut is located in the northwestern part of the city of Tasmania. It contributes to being the remains of the ancient volcanic plug. It is possible to reach the same without visiting the Summit. If you are healthy and fit, you can try reaching the place while walking up. Else, you can opt for the chair lift. At the top, you will be able to find wonderful views from the Bass Strait, the Stanley town and the surrounding beaches. The historic Stanley town is located at the base.

Watching penguins

The city of Tasmania is considered to be the ideal destination for penguin lovers. You can find penguins in the North Western coast of the city of Tasmania.

Enjoy the delicacy at Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm

The Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm is recognized to be a wonderful cafe that has a wonderful area. It is regarded as one of the ideal destinations for taking delight in amazing breakfast. It is the favorite spot of foodies as it serves the most delicious waffles, along with raspberry ice cream, raspberries, cream. It is recognized to be a child-friendly place and children are often given paper and pencils here. Outside, you can find a small lake where there is a playground for the toddler as well as walking tracks.

Visiting the wineries at Tamar Valley region

While visiting Tamar Valley Region, you can visit the wineries. You can try from the bunch of delicious vintages here. Tourists go to self-guided tours here.

Golfing at Grindelwald

Grindelwald contributes to being a Swiss-themed town which is located in the outer part of Launceston, You will find cute little shops here. If you are a golf enthusiast, you will love the mini golf, golf course around this area. It also houses the Aspect Tamar Valley Resort.

Visit Cataract Gorge with your family

In case you are planning to pay a visit to Tasmania with your family, plan a trip to Cataract Gorge as well. The place boasts of the park area, the walking trails. You can also find the longest span chair lift of the world here. In addition to this, the place has a restaurant, a kiosk, and peacocks.

Go for hiking along Binalong Bay

Binalong Bay happens to be one of the major tourist destinations in Tasmania which is situated at the Southern end of the Bay of Fires. It is recognized to be the entry point of the area. You can find a wide assortment of outdoor attractions in the place which are inclusive of game fishing, bird watching. If you love to surf, you should pay a visit to the place. It is also the must seen destination for hiking lovers. You will definitely love the scenarios and beaches here. Tourists also arrange camping on the beachside here.

View Tasmanian Devils

Your trip to the city of Tasmania is not going to be complete if you do not see these creatures. Tasmania has a bunch of wildlife parks where you can find these creatures. The Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary present on the edge of the Hobart is recognized to be one of the top places to find these creatures. They can also be found in the Tasmanian zoo. These creatures are also found in Zoodoo near Richmond, Devil Unzoo present in Port Arthur.

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