Tourist Spots in Tasmania

Tasmania has situated almost 240 km in the southern part of the Australian mainland. It is recognized to be one of the most remote travel destinations across the globe. Having a surface of above 68,000 sq. km, it is known to have a modest population of more than 500,000 people. You are sure to get mesmerized by the natural beauty of the place. During your visit to the place, you will be able to explore the world heritage wildlife here. You can take participation in outdoor adventure and procure relaxation at the beach. Here is a list of some of the most popular tourist destinations in Tasmania:

Pay a visit to MONA

MONA or The Museum of Old and New Art contributes to being of the most popular museums in Australia. Situated in the suburb of Hobart, this museum is known to be entertaining, interactive and unique to any other place. You are sure to find a wide array of variety in the different exhibits. The usage of movement, sound, light, and involvement of the senses ensure that you are not going to get bored there.

Explore Huon Valley

The Huon Valley houses some of the wonderful destinations in Tasmania. You are going to be amazed by the beautiful scenery of the place. Travelers love to go for a wonderful jet boat ride on Huon River. Pedal boats are available for hire in Huonville. Tahune AirWalk contributes to being one of the well-renowned activities, travelers take participation here. Tourists also love to go to the place for a forest walk. You can even go for cable hang gliding here.

Mt Wellington

Your trip to Tasmania is never going to complete without paying a visit to Tasmania. The mountain towers are located over Hobart. It is recognized to be a gorgeous backdrop present in the Southernmost part of the city. This place is popular among the locals as "the mountain". Situated at a height of 1271 meters, you can find an amazing view of Southern Tasmania and Hobart from the place. Though you will be able to enjoy to the fullest on a clear day, you can also have immense fun on a cloudy day. The mountain is mostly snow-capped in those colder months, indicates that there are opportunities for playing in the snow.

Mt Field National Park

It is the first national park of Tasmania which boasts of amazing scenarios. You will be able to find abundant wildlife and a wide array of walks here. It also has a bunch of facilities in the place. A wide array of tourists prefers this place for camping. The Russel Falls happen to be the star attraction and is beautiful. You get access to the place by walking. It is possible to access the place via the wheelchair. During strolling, you are going to come across a fern forest that is filled with the tallest trees of Tasmania. In the winter season, you can also go for snowboarding and skiing here.

Maria Island

Maria Island is the prime choice of travelers owing to its dramatic scenery, wildlife. It is known to be the fourteen convict buildings and you will find amazing cliffs and beaches here. There are a few peaks which tourists climb for getting the view of the island. It is an ideal destination for watching birds, Tasmanian devils, wombats, wallabies, kangaroos, and other forms of wildlife. It is also an ideal destination for camping.

Port Arthur

If you are a history lover, do not forget to pay a visit to the Port Arthur Historic Site. It is located at ninety minutes drive from Hobart. It was established in the year of 1830 as the penal settlement. It was in the year of 1833 when it turned out to be the station for punishment for the repeat offenders. The prison system in this place is inclusive of several buildings that can be visited even today. It is inclusive of the first juvenile prison of the British Empire at Point Pueer.

Doo Town

Doo Town is recognized to be the whackiest place, found in Tasmania. Each house is known to have a name on the front which is inclusive of the word, "Doo". Thus, during your visit to the place, you can find Make Doo, Doo Drop Inn, Doon-N-Time, Wee-Doo, etc.

Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay is recognized to be one of the best places to visit in Tasmania. You are sure to fall in love with the amazing beaches and wonderful scenario in the place. It earns a position in the list of the most beautiful beaches across the glove. It is situated in Freycinet National Park. You cannot access this place via road. You need to step up as well as down by walking in order to reach this wonderful bay.   A wide assortment of people prefers to pay a visit to this place via sea kayaking.

The city of Hobart

A plethora of people love to pay a visit to this place to indulge in its natural people. Hobart is known to be a charming and stunning city where you will be able to find the best of the urbanite. There are a wide array of wonderful things to do in the city of Hobart.

Bruny Island

It is another popular destination to visit in Tasmania. You will be mesmerized after viewing the gorgeous cliffside views of the place. You will be able to find a wide array of options for dining here. Travelers make sure to reach Truganini Lookout during their visit to Bruny Island. It is recognized to be one of the well-renowned viewpoints where you can admire a wonderful narrow isthmus of sand.

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